New drone Esc's not working

Hi. I just finished building a drone using a fc and esc combo. (XRotor Micro Combo - F4 G2 FC - 45A 4-in-1 ESC). I put the drone together and everything is wired but something is not working. I’m not getting the typical beep that you recive when you power the esc and fc. When I unplug the esc combo from the fc, (the power aka battery is hooked up to the escs,) I get a beep. I’m assuming that this is implying that the esc combo is working but the fc is not. However, when i plug in the fc to beta flight, i am getting a signal and all the correct things when I look at the program. Any suggestions?

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Hi jakedoesfpv,

You might want to verify if your flight controller is setup for the right protocol that your ESC’s use.
It seems to be “OneShot Mode: Supported” from their webiste.


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I set the ESCs to dshot1200, still not working… :confused: any other tips?

Have you confirmed the type of settings the FC is sending ?

I have hooked it up to my computer and I am getting a read out. Also, when I hook it into power (battery) the lights are turning on. I will take pictures tomorrow (left at my school overnight)

You might want to get in touch with the supplier who sold you those parts, they should now how to make both work together.
Baseflight controller will have different settings to choose and you need the right one for your ESC.