New cheap sonsor for the Start Here robot?

The Sharp IR sensor that is used in the present "start here" is no longer being produced.

We need to find a replacement, and all ideas welcome.

Conditions: It must be a cheap distance sensor that can be purchased "in the shops".

Cheap, and commonly available.

how cheap is cheap? this is

how cheap is cheap? this is relatively cheap

That is nothing new. The

That is nothing new. The Sharp GP2D12 is an obsolete product since many years. The replacement part is the Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F.

We could use cheaper

We could use cheaper ultrasonic sensors like this one:

or this one (functions like a Ping):

But this is the place to get the Sharp sensor:

15 centimeters to 10 meters range?

Oh wow, 15 centimeters to 10 meters?

The 15 centimeters up close renders it crap for a tiny, slow beginners robot, but this is very interesting however! I dont really have time to read about it now, but I wonder how steady it is and all… Interesting new sensor there! Cool :slight_smile:

Not really new, you can

Not really new, you can salvage almost identical modules from old polaroid cameras :smiley: .  Great if you are on a budget.  The only downside is the current drain, over 1A when “pinging”.

Well… IMHO it would not be

Well… IMHO it would not be the best Start Here robot, if part of the instructions where “Find an old Polaroid, and…”. Point was that it should be commonly vailable in the shops.

“Start here bot” is where a cheap distance sensor is needed. So in this context it is “new” :slight_smile:

Hmm… Interesting! Thanks.

Hmm… Interesting! Thanks.

Oh, really interesting

Oh, really interesting links, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Sharp GP2D12(GP2Y0A21YKOF)

price is same as GP2D120…

Pololu carries this part for

Pololu carries this part for under $10 US.

I couldn’t find this on Solarbotics, but perhaps they would be able to stock it for us. If not, perhaps Pololu would like LMR’s business…

Wow, that Seeedstudio USR

Wow, those are some great finds.

That Seeedstudio USR looks pretty nice at $15 US. Note that it is a three pin interface (Vcc, GND, Signal), unlike the SRF05 that allows a separate analog line for the input, and a digital out for the trigger.

The one from SatisTronics is even cheaper, and looks like a knock-off of the SRF05 (four pin interface), and under $8 US in quantity.

The question is, can we get Solarbotics or another distributor to stock them? We should test them out with the SHR first too.

I wasn’t suggesting that, I

I wasn’t suggesting that, I was merely pointing out the fact.

Everyone are still carrying

Everyone are still carrying the part. (When the Sh kit is currently sold out it is for some other reason that I cannot remember)

But everyone are apparetnly running out of stock - which is why RobotFreak’s intel came to me as a surprise, I am looking into it.

So you can easily find the Sharp, but it should get harder and harder over the next months…

Pololu would like LMR Business (I think) but they do not carry the Picaxe. And I insist that a Start Here project should utilize only things that your dog can do - And C is just a little hard for my dog. (even for me, heck!)

I used the SeeedStudio US

I used the SeeedStudio US sensor on my daughter’s robot and I used the code for an original Ping sensor with no modifications. The only thing that’s missing is the green LED that lights up when it pings. I definitely recommend them as good products.

I will order the $8 US sensor and play with it and see how good it works. If it’s good, I’ll stock 5 pieces in my soon to open eStore. Same with the Sharp sensor, I’ll try to keep 5 in stock. Unfortunately I can’t afford to put too much money into parts at the moment so I will get low numbers until the sales start rolling.

Over this weekend I will work on the documentation for the Robot Builder’s Shield and later expand to the uBotino. This will teach a newb to make his Sh robot with Arduino and learn to program it in Arduino software. I guess I’ll end up with a Learn to Build Arduino Robots tutorial. 

You guys should unite - I

You guys should unite - I hear of several working on a SH for Arduino.

It would be nice if we could sit in a room together and talk it over. So perhaps you should create a Skype conference, where we could all agree.

Personally I have enough … more than enough webmastering and SH-bot to do, so this should be driven by someone else.

But let me know if there is anything specific that I can do, after you arrange it, like “put this on the front page”, “make a new forum named this and that” or similar.

Sorry to any one feeling overridden / who have talked to me about plans and expect me to “guard” and let them “be the leader of the project” - it is just too much for me to keep up with and arrange, so any one taking charge is the leader.

As über-webmaster I can promise you that LMR wants to get into an Arduino SH project, and a good and well done project will get full attention. Also, if any one wants to make a business out of it, and give LMR 10% of sales to run this show (that costs money to run without ads etc), again, the first one to get it all together has a deal.

When this is said, let me also say that there is no problem in having a whole spectrum of SH-projects, so if you are slower than the rest, but make a nice setup, we will work with it just as well.

I hope all is cool, and it would be really nice if we could get a good Arduino kickoff going. Heck, it might even get me started with them things :wink:

The satistronics senser

The satistronics senser looks good

Sharp sensor with breakout is $6.95 from Pololu

Sharp sensor with breakout is $6.95 from Pololu:

this will be <$5 during the Black friday sale.

I agree

Have it and still using it. I think this is one of the best replacements IMO. It keeps the same happy face, it’s got the analog signal, and it’s the same price.

I will be your student!! Let

I will be your student!! Let me know when you have it done :wink: I mean it~