New automatic parachute system, for a water rocket


After the previous successful but heavy automatic parachute system*

*(If you didn't see the previous article please visit it here, as it has all the explanations about the electronics and way of working. All improvements are based on that one)

here we have the new version of the water rocket, with all the secrets and improvements on:

  • the launchpad, to avoid pressure leakage.
  • The fins for a more straight flight.
  • The automatic parachute system, more reliable and lighter.
  • The navigation software, for a more accurate detection of launch, apogee, and data storage in the Arduino EEPROM.

In this video we'll see this and other interesting details: Automatic parachute for a water rocket.

Video for the new system

In previous videos we saw takes from the rocket, also other building details:

  • Tutorial on how to build a simple water rocket:
  • Videos from a water rocket (I) Oxford (UK):
  • Videos from a water rocket II Oxford UK:


Here is the accomodation of all the electronics inside the rocket:

Inside the water rocket electronics


I encourage you to follow my YouTube channel and let a comment below. Thanks!


Detects rocket launch, apogee and descend to open a parachute

  • Actuators / output devices: 1 Servo
  • Control method: automatic
  • Operating system: Arduino
  • Programming language: C++
  • Sensors / input devices: pressure sensors

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Cool build!

Nice build! Looking forward to more action lol.

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Sure! We need to do some improvements and you will see all the action :wink:



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fransisco you are to

fransisco you are to experienced and too smart for me… I don’t plan to put a parachute for my robots for now.

thank you for the enlightenmentand God bless you

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Thanks for your comment! :wink:

Thanks @sw0rdm4n! I’m just trying my best. I’m sure you too. See you around!

Thanks! @nschreiber0813 you will see more action sooner than later. Stay tuned :wink: