Need help with ESC for a robot project

I am completely new to robotics and need help with finding RC components for a robot project. We are using one motor for a lifting mechanism and needs to be able to operate the motor in both directions. We are also using two motors to drive wheels and need differential drive. I have seen dual bi-directional ESCs for RC tanks which look like they could work but I am really struggling to work out if they supply the correct current and voltages that are required.

Here is a list of the parts I think I will need:

Lifting motor:

Wheel motor X2:


Dual ESC:

Remote and receiver:


Any help would be massively appreciated :blush:

Hello @leggyc123,

The parts seem okay and should work together.

The lifting mechanism is going to do what exactly?

Can you provide us with more details about the project?

Awaiting your reply.