Need help with a major proble,


I am trying to build a toy car with an arduino. I am using a tamiya twin motor gear box ( as seen on This is connected to a track set. ( it pretty much looks like this I am using the spark fun motor driver: motor driver 1a dual tb6612FNG on   

So i uploaded some code andi took off the track part and i held it up and the wheels moved, but when i put on the track and put it down it would sound like something is movig but it did not. I know that meens that i need more power but what can i do? can i change somethin in the code? Also a side note i hooked up the motor driver to the arduino's power is that a problem?

In addition i have heard that these motors make a lot of electrical "noise" what should i do about that?

Yup, That’s a problem

Two issues here: First off, you are probably running off of the 5v supply coming from the arduino. The 5v regulator on your Arduino board won’t be able to handle the current draw from your motors. Second is the fact that you are probably trying to run all of this off of a 9v battery (I would assume). You need to switch some some good ol’ rechargable AA’s