Need help NAO V5 time_corrupt error on boot up

Hello to all.
I am a noob to this forum….I have acquired a NAO V5 robot… it had a minor issue of battery pack that I fixed… and now when booting getting NAO verbal warning of time_corrupt… I am able of connecting to him via Choreagraphe and sequencing all movements and video feed. When I try logging onto him via his IP the warning shows up …

Any help would be appreciated … tried a factory reset but getting same message. I saw somewhere on a forum (which I lost the addy) that he has a pill size battery somewhere as most computers do… trying to sort out this issue but no support from Aldebaran…

Plz any help … thx to all info in advance

@Danyel Welcome to the RobotShop Community.

It really is a very specific issue about a specific robot, so not sure if others here will be able to reply (we’ll see).
Have you tried posting on their forum?

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