Need help controlling Traxxas ESC and Servo with Arduino

I'm working on an autonomous ground vehicle, guided by a U-BLOX Neo 6m GPS Module, and HMC5883l compass.

The ESC connects to the 7.2 NiMH Battery pack and is supposed to be connected to a RC receiver with a standard 3 wire servo cable, it also provides 6 volt regulated power from the same cable. Because the power is too high for an Arduino, I used a separate 5 volt power supply for the rest of the electronics, except the steering servo. Using a separate power supply makes the ESC and servo uncontrollable, creating a lot of jitter.

If I power the Arduino and all the other components from the 6v created by the ESC, everything works fine, except the GPS, and the Atmel chip gets a little warm.

Any suggestions on fixing this problem? Thanks a lot guys!




Yes, regulate your 6v down to 5.

Connect your servo to this new 5v supply.