Need help choosing parts for a battlebot

I need some help picking parts for a middleweight robot for robot wars. i have found some parts already but i dont know if they are good enough. cheapest parts are best.

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Hi @aetherzip and welcome to our forum!

It’s awesome that you are building a battle robot.

You can share here your design and which parts you already get so community members can help you further.

i am planning to build the main body out of wood (to make it less costly) and put metal armour on the outside of it. I haven’t bought any electronics for it yet as i am unsure of what will be best.

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SImple but interesting design. Do you plan to have drive on all of the wheels?

no. i was thinking of having only 2

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That’s OK. Did you choose any of the components or you have just a drawing?

Maybe you can use similar approach for electronics like in these sumo bots:

i have found some parts but i dont know if they are compatible and will work well together. the sumo robots seem to be too small for what i am looking for

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These should work.

Have in mind that stall motor current is 20A according to the datasheet, and this driver can withstand up 25A but for some short time. Theoretically if the motor is blocked for longer time, it can damage the driver.

Also, do you need an encoder on the motor? I don’t think you can use this with Sabertooth Dual 12V.

i dont think i need an encoder as the motor controller has pre programmed steering and stuff. the motor cable seems as if it wont fit the motor controller. if you could suggest a similar motor that will work with the motor controller then that would be great. sorry for the late reply.

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Hi @aetherzip ,

How much torque do you need? What is your preffered motor nominal voltage?