Need help choosing a microcontroller and motor driver for a certain robot!

I am thinking of building a robot and I need help choosing a microcontroller and motor driver(s). I was thinking of something like the Arduino, Axon II, Motoruino, or Orangutan SVP-328. Something with a USB programming interface would be nice. The robot I intend on making should have about drive 3+ servos, 2 motors/motor driver (maybe with encoders), two ultrasonic rangefinders, LCD, and maybe some other sensors (buttons, gyros, etc). Any other microcontrollers you could suggest would be helpful. 

The motor driver should be able to drive two motors at around 1.5-2.5 A continuous.

Price is also a very big factor for me. :)

Hope all of you could help me!

An arduino is a choice for a

An arduino is a choice for a microcontroller, the language is easy and all the ports are in convinient places. 

As far as motor drivers go, I’d recommend you build your own, since you’ll save quite a lot that way, a driver circuit that can do 2.5A continous(which to me indicates the motors have ~10A in stall current, am I right?).

I’ve just recently designed a motor driver that does just that. Here’s a link to it. It can handle 10A and 12V, it’ll set you back something like 10$ depending on where you get your components, if you do like I do and get it from Ebay, you’ll not spend more than 20$ and still get the parts to build two :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I think

Thanks for the info. I think I will make two of those motor drivers. 

How about…

…the BASIC Commander from Innovati with USB interface? They also have lots of motor controllers.
Programmable in InnoBASIC, one of the most powerful BASIC languages. There is many example codes available.
What I really like about the Innovati products is, that all the parts work together.

As an alternative, you could also go with an Arduino compatible controller.

A link for controllers is HERE