Need an expert in arduino


Hardware concerned:

Software concerned:
wants an expert to go with me as step by step to build a robot

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Hey @fahim_sahar!

There are some guides already available on the internet that show you how to build a robot yourself. Here are some examples from the community:


Can’t call myself an Arduino ‘expert’, but have done many hw/sw projects with microcontrollers and real-world interfaces.

“Build a robot” is a broad subject. An autonomous lawn mowing robot and a robot arm that serves cappuchinos are two very different things. So, the general process to develop anything goes something like this…

Start with a high level “requirements list”. What does this robot need to do? List the features you want.

Next, create implementation details for these features and list them. So, for example, if the robot is autonomous mobile, what kind of propulsion (motor) it will use. How will it steer, How will it navigate. It could be as simple as counting axle revolutions or complicated using GPS. Consider any areas of concern that might be an issue, and list how they might be overcome. For example, if counting axle revolutions, how can wheel slippage from wet leaves etc be compensated for.

Break down the whole project into smaller sub-systems. You may be able to develop and test a sub-system on the workbench before building an entire robot. Things you discover while debugging a subsystem may affect the overall design. In other words don’t go building an entire robot only to find out that some small piece doesn’t work as you thought it would, and have to pull the whole thing apart.

Create a software diagram or "pseudo code’ to show how the software will receive sensor inputs, perform the application specific functions, and control the motors, solenoids, etc. If you don’t have experience with real-time processing, I would suggest trying to find some tutorials on that. Also look into event driven, finite state machine processes.

Start by writing pieces of the code that can be used in the testing of the subsystems that you previously identified. By creating a foundation of software that can control the motors, fire solenoids, and read the sensors reliably, you can build up from there to the actual end application. This is a ‘layered’ software approach.

Ultimately, integrate all the subsytems and the controller CPU + software into the complete robot project. Now, the fun part is running through testing that all the requirements and features work as they should.

Again, without knowing more about the type of robot, that’s pretty much all I can recommend. Since you’re specifying Arduino, can I assume this is a simple robot? I don’t think you would be able to do much video processing and object recognition with an Uno, but maybe someone here will contradict me; I will cede to their wisdom since I’ve never tried it.

Good luck, and enjoy!


I wouldn’t build a robot with just an Arduino. The robot part comes from a computer.
An Arduino expert probably isn’t building robots, so what type of advanced features are you looking to access with your microcontroller board?