Need a stronger motor

Hi All,
Looking for some help in upgrading a motor.
I have a massive ceiling sculpture I’ve created with hundreds of motors that works fine, but now wanting to hookup a few very thin LED lights (weigh very, very little) to a few motors as part of the overall design and effect. The current ones I have work - but they struggle with the little additional weight.

Any suggestions on a plug-n-play higher torque upgrade I can make to the servo I have ( Continuous rotation standard servomotor FS5109R)?

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated - thank you!

@modulus Welcome to the RobotShop Community.

The FS5109R is a continuous rotation servo which seems to offer up 3.4Kg-cm rated torque.

The FS5113R seems to be the logical step up with 4.6kg-cm rated torque:

Thank you for the advice - I’ll give it a try!