Need a servo equivalent for VStone VS-S092J

Hello I am currently working with a kumotek Robovie-X and need to replace several servos (VStone VS-S092J) but am having trouble finding something workable the specs are:

Size:38 x 19 x 38.5mm
Torque:  9.2kg・cm (@7.4V)
Speed:  0.11S/60°
Weight:  42g
Range:  180°
Operating Voltage:  4V~9V
Input Signal:  PWM
Length of the cable: 400mm 


They need to have an empty receptacle opposite the exposed gear

Thanks in advance for the help

Hello @CLaker,

Welcome to RobotShop community.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a servo motor with these exact specifications.

However, you might be able to find something close enough to them from this link:

Let us know if you need further assistance.