Nao V6 robot for sale (Belgium)


I’m selling my Nao V6

Nao V6:

As good as new:

From Belgium:


I am selling it because of some personal mishaps in my life recently:


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Is your Nao robot still available for purchase?

It is. Name your price :slight_smile:

$2,500 USD?

Could send some pictures and info to my email address? [email protected]

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Adding some pic would have been make it a good thread

Some pictures


This robot is wonderful and your pics are great.
Would you sell for €4500 ?

Also, do you need to buy subscription for it?
And do you come to the UK/London to deliver in person?

Thanks for your help

[email protected]

I would sell for 4500 euros. I would not bring it over to London for that price, though :smiley: If you pay an extra 500 I could try. I need to check with customs though… not sure how that would work.


are you still selling the NAO 6? I am from Germany.

Thank you

I still do! We can talk about the price

Thank you for your answer.
Where in Belgium would I have to go? So that I can estimate the time needed.

To Oudenaarde

You can make an offer :wink:

during the last two days I checked several platforms where you can buy used stuff and found some NAOs.
To be honest: even in used condition they are still too expensive for me and for reasons of fairness I do not want to make an insolent offer.

I understand

Hi, is the NAO still available? Thanks

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It certainly is!


Great! Could you please provide a few more details about the NAO?

Which language(s) is/are installed?
Which version of NAOqi is installed?
Does it come with login info on the NAO, and a Choreograph license key?
Is it fully working, or are there any problems?
How is the battery holding up?


Hi Naofan,
I have no idea where I can find the answers to all your questions.
It works on English now, but I know I have set it to Dutch in the past as well.
The Naoqi version is
I still have the booklet that came with the robot.
I have no idea where to look for the Choreograph license key.
It is fully working.
The battery seems to be fine for the moment.

Is your robot still available? can you ship to US ?