Nao Robot v4 blue for sale

I have two NAO V4 robots for sale. One is blue one is orange.

The blue one is awesome, includes extra battery, software, and power bank.
Orange one is all parts only.

Accepting offers-

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Hi @anon46574291

Maybe you could share some photos of the product :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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im maybe interested in the orange Nao.
Do you have some pictures?
and what price do you ask for it?

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the orange one is for parts only

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i have uploaded photos

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are the robots still available? is the core motherboard on the orange one functional?

Yes, the orange one has useful parts and can be salvaged.
The blue one is fully working.

Please call me or email me directly if you are still interested!

Hi! Are either of these still available? And what’s wrong with the orange one?

they both are available, the orange one is literally in a parts bin the blue one works fine

What are you asking for each of them?

And what body type is the blue one?

It looks excellent and I want to purchase it because the character from Tyler the Creators video game has a similar appearance. Please let me know the cost and purchasing details.