nanoDuino, sumo and soccer bots

Hi Everyone,

I'm starting with some new projects.

The first one is nanoDuino, an ultrasmall arduino, based on patrickmaccabe's one. This one has all the input and output's pins broken out and the sockets for FTDI and ICSP cables. It is 18,5x20,5 mm:


The second one is a dual motor driver shield for nanoDuino which uses the SMD version of L293D, which is called L293DD. It has the same dimensions of nanoDuino.


I'm waiting for both of them to arrive.

So, the third one is a nanoSumo robot, much like the Gary and patrickmaccabe's one, which will use the previous boards.

I've already designed the chassis and wheels in SketchUp, but I'm having trouble exporting it to proper files and I think I'll have to redesign it using other software and print it at guibot's 3D printer.



The forth one is a nano soccer player robot. It should be the same size as the nano sumo and be able to identify the ball and the other team's beacon and, obviously, play soccer. 

I will use LDRs to detect a glowing ping pong ball, which will have basicaly a LED Throwie inside mounted on a 3D printed suport so that the ball can keep its balance:


The robots will identify the beacon using IR receivers which will detect the data sent by them over dirt cheap wireless.

I think I will destroy a realy and use its solenoid to let the robot shoot the ball.

But, for the tests, I will be using two Farruscos:



Can wait to have all this in my hands :D



UPDATE  7 AUG 2011:

After some delays, the first prototypes of the nanoDuino and its shield is ready. I'll pick them up this Friday:




I've already done some testing on the soccer with the Farrusco. You can watch the video bellow :D

Well done on the circuit

Well done on the circuit boards. Can’t wait to see the project come together.