MyActuator RMD X10 1:7 Failing to Connect to MC300 GUI Program

I’d appreciate any help or direction as I’ve spent hundreds replacing the old X10 V2 motors for X10 1:7 V3 motors but still can’t consistently run these motors.

While testing the different modes on the X10 1:7 to get a feel for the motor. One of the motors shutdown while testing the motor’s position mode and won’t connect to the software anymore.
-No parameters were altered via the software prior to the shutdown
-I’ve checked the power supply using a multimeter and the required voltage and current are being outputted to the motor.
-We tested the signal wave between the PC and motor using an Oscilloscope but found no issues with the connection from the UART, PC and motor.
This led me to believe it may be a software issue so I wanted to factory reset the motor in hopes it may fix or help us find the issue. Any chance does someone have an ‘Update Hex File’ to factory reset X10 motors or have experienced the same issue and solved it?

I’ve contacted MyActuator multiple times over the last month but had no luck getting support from them. I’ve almost given up on these motors and am considering buying an equivalent set of motors from another manufacturer. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello @FrankAC ,

We got a reply from MyActuator support and you are in CC/

Can you please have a look?

Thank you.