Myactuator is now officially part of the RobotShop marketplace!

Myactuator is now officially part of the RobotShop marketplace! You can now purchase Myactuator RMD series Brushless DC Servo Motors at

MyActuator is a professional manufacturer of BLDC servo motors. The company has 6 series of hundreds of products that can widely be used in the Robot arm, Exoskeleton robot, quadruped robot, UAV, photographic equipment, industrial automation, and medical fields. With good quality, thoughtful service to win the unanimous recognition of customers. We have a great R&D team and can provide you technical support. Now we have more than 30 countries with clients ordering our motors from all over the world.

At present, our company has several series of hundreds models, including:
RMD series servo motor.
GF series BLDC/PMSM motor of aircraft model.
PM series disc-type UAV motor.
GB series low-speed gimbal motor.
AC series electronic stability enhancement solutions.
STORM series FOC electronic governor.

Delivery time: For the United States 2-3 days, For other countries, the maximum delivery time is up to 7 days.

Price: Please search and check the product type you prefer at the Robotshop Store with key word ‘RMD’, ‘Myactuator’.

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