My Sabertooth 2X60 does not work Engine 2 is not powered

Hello everybody!
I need help from you!
My Sabertooth 2X60 does not work on motor driver 2.
I have already tested that the engines are fine.
Can someone give me a hint if I think he is really deficient?
More description and videos can be viewed here:

How can I reset the EEPROM on Sabertooth?

Welcome @VT to our forums.

Can you upload a picture of your sabertooth showing the connections and dip switch positions? That will help us see what’s going on.

I’m going to leave you here a tutorial for this motor driver so then, you could check if you are getting it right: motor driver datasheet. In addition to, you can find here some troubleshoot procedures: troubleshoot procedure sabertooth.

Hope this could help you,

See you around.