My order says it's been "Completed" but no package has arrived and I have received no contact on the order besides a single text message

Hey all,

I ordered this a week ago and have to receive it. I received no email on order but remained confident. However, I was supplied with no tracking number nor link, so I had to rely on the “Estimated shipping time” that stated 2-4 days and so I waited. A couple of days went by and I received a text that the package would arrive on the 10th and that reassured me for a while. The 10th came and went and I didn’t receive anything. I checked the website to see the status of my order and it said “Completed”. I am highly worried that my money is now gone so I was wondering if anyone in this forum has ran into this same issue, or has any advice for this kind of situasion.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @YaKh

Thank you for choosing RobotShop.

Here is your tracking number: Detailed Tracking

Feel free to ask anything else.

Ah! Thanks so much!

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You are welcome.