My Makerbot Thing-0-Matic Assembly Progress Blog


Hello LMR people I made this blog to show everyone where I have gone with the assembly of my makerbot tom .

What I have to say after all I have done ,you will see later on this blog ,is that it needs time a lot time and of course good will

if something doesn't going as you were expecting ...


Photos follow(its not of best quality cause I dont own a camera at the moment only my cell phone) :


yeap on this one I forgot to put in the heatsink but I can do that later too .



Thats all for now Im going to put more photos when I get more thing done .


(update:11/07/2012) All setup and running including first print .

As you can see the problem is on the first layers but I think it can be fixed with some tries and more calibration ...

(update:17/07/2012) I printed a shape that was going to be a vase but I scaled it and filled it and I made it like a collumn .Photos follow the print came out pretty nice though you can see some details that are wrong .

what you can see is that top layer its crappy and that cause of the the feedrate I set it to 38 mm/s but obviously was too high

for this object .

So its getting better but I still need to find the perfect combination .