My Hexapod with Ultrasonic Sensor


I want to show you my newest Video.

It´s my completely self built Hexapod !

Programmed with Bascom AVR. I am working on it since 2009. Last Winter I gave it a Ultrasonic Sensor.

Sorry for my bad English but thats not my daily Work.

More Informations about the Bot are in the Youtube Discribtion.

I hope you like it.



That is a pretty sweet robot.

I vote for a fuller description here rather than a forum post. :smiley:

Nice work
Nice work :slight_smile:
Did you manufacture the complete chassis? Because it looks very well made and solid :smiley:

I think I’ve seen posts from you on roboternetz aswell

Nice hexapod !

Great work ! You should post it as a robot instead of a forum post :slight_smile:

Hello!The comlete Chassis is


The comlete Chassis is self made and self constructed.

I am just working on a Version that is more easy to construct and uses less different parts.



Yes the komplete Chassis is

Yes the komplete Chassis is self consstructed and built.

I am very often in the Roboternetz Forum.


I will do it as soon as

I will do it as soon as possible.

Where ist the best Category for my Bot?



To post as a robot

you need only go to the main page and at the top follow the link that says Robot Project. There is no ‘Category’ to place your robot in. Just post it, tag it, and it will be posted as a robot.



Thanks !Roland

Thanks !