My first robot, A 4 legged walker, Still a long way to go :D

Hello and greetings from Norway.

Since the winter is creeping upon this very cold land that I live in, and the sun is hiding just about all the day, its time to start some indoor project.

I have always been fascinated by DIY robots and have had many "Brilliant" (horrible stupid) ideas for designing and building them.

But finally i have started a robot project for real. wohoo!


The robot is a 4-legged walker where the design of the legs is Inspired (almost stolen?) from the great little robot SC-QR-1 ( made by Peter Jacob. Cudos to Peter Jacob for the ingenious robot.

Currently the robot is in early development mode, the legs and body is made out from Expanded PVC Sheet that is hand cut with a derby razor blade :D :D. Exactly what material i will be using for the legs in the final design I haven't decided on yet.

The servos I use are some standard cheap 9g that I got from ebay :D

I will start with the electronics on the robot today and also go out for some shopping to see if I can find some useful parts for the legs :D




Nice bot

Nice to see some more walkers on LMR. And it’s easy to see that the design is inspired by the SC-QR-1. I also considered using a similar design. I’ve been looking at pretty much every 4-legged bot on the web and the SC-QR-1 is probably the simplest design I’ve seen so far, when we’re talking 8+ servo quadropeds.

However I decided to go for a 12 servo quadroped instead so I’m still experimenting with different ways of making legs, given the limited access I have to both parts and tools.

Anyway looking forward to seeing your creation taking it’s 1st steps :wink:

PS: What sort of brains are you thinking of giving it?