My first project, lawnmower

I’m gonna ask
I’m gonna ask

It’s because I trying to

It’s because I trying to evaluate different solutions, one of the best I guess is

that uses IR and US but I have been thinking of the differential GPS for a long time and I want to go farther in my research as the GPS modules are becoming more affordable and precise.

Alright this is an idea I’ve
Alright this is an idea I’ve kind of had for a while and I wanted to get it out before I forgot and I also want to stop thinking about it if it isn’t possible. Here we go. Would it be possible to upload a “map” to a robot? It would be a virtual diagram that shows a series of turns and such to make. The robot would then be programmed to follow the path each time it starts up. I realize you could program a series of turns into it so that it always turned the same direction and cut the grass in a pattern. I also had a similar idea to jklug’s about measuring grass height. Could that work? If you had two sensors out in front and obviously low to the ground. The sensors would have to have short range so they wouldn’t pick up an outside obstacle. So if the grass was long on the right, the right sensor would detect grass and the left wouldn’t detect anything, so the bot would constantly being trying to center itself like a line following bot. Sorry just sort of venting ideas and thoughts.

The easiest way to do a map
The easiest way to do a map is to use a 2 dimensional array and use an X or # where there is a wall or item the robot can’t travel through. Each grid coordinate is 1 foot away or 1 inch or X centimeters, etc.