My crazy thoughts

Hello everyone!
I have a cool idea, but it’s a little crazy and underdeveloped, so I would like to get as much feedback from you as possible.
And what if each person had their own robot with a camera for satellite, with the help of which we could observe not only what is happening on Earth, but also see space in real time and admire the Earth directly from space.
I think it’s cool.
BUT I have fears that then there would be more personal space and total control and it is not known how some people could use it for their own purposes. But utopianly, the idea is cool.
What do you think?
Perhaps you will find even more pluses and tell me how you can get ahead and prevent minuses.

The cost of launching something small into orbit is around $30k per kilo, so a relatively small satellite like the CubeSat costs around $600k USD. This doesn’t include the necessary permissions to launch something into orbit, and the tools to track it.

“see space in real time and admire the Earth directly from space.”

There are already several ways to do this.

  • Buy a nice telescope and find a location unobstructed by lights, clouds
  • Check out one of NASA’s various live feeds from space (example1, example 2)
    (Note that when I tuned in, there were two astronauts on the ISS doing a Q&A and only 39 people watching)

I don’t think a satellite per person is necessary since most people would only tune in for a few minutes, and given 8B people on the planet, there would be considerable redundancy. An easier method would be to equip new satellites like those being used for the Starlink project with a camera facing earth and a camera facing space, which people could tune into for free if they’re part of that network.

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Hmm, thanks, I have now rethought my idea.

Can you please tell me how to find NASA broadcasts correctly?