My brushless motor is beeping every time a pwm of 1150ms or more is being sent

So I used this github repo code: , to calibrate my ESC. The brushless motor made 3 beeps for initiation, followed by 2 beeps for max throttle. I got a few more beeps after the min throttle was set. Then I ran the test code from the github repo to test if the motor moved. Every time the code sent a pwm signal larger than about 1150 ms the bldc made the initialization beep and started beeping continuously. I have no idea whats going on and I really need help for this project I’m working on.

I’m using 4 NiMh 1.2V 1900mAh and 4 NiMh 1.2V 2700mAh batteries, an arduino, 30A esc, an EMAX XA2212/1400kV brushless outrunner.

Thank you in advance.

ESC’s of that kind require to send a LOW signal around 1000us to “arm” first.
After that you can raise the signal to make it move.

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