My 1st non-breadboard circuit :)

I know..a lot of you good folks could solder before you could walk and probably sleep with a soldering iron under your pillow (hope you remember to turn it off :), so here is this guy in his 30s bragging about his first circuit. Pathetic.

However soldering is a major challenge to me and actually the main reason I didn't get started with robotics years ago. It's just not easy for my unsteady hands. So I'm very happy to declare that I just finished my 1st working non-breadboard circuit. It's a motor+servo shield for my Arduino.

It has an L293D H-bridge chip, plugs into my Arduino and provides easy plug and play connectors for 2 DC motors, 2 servos and an external power source. Here are some photos (I know it ain't pretty but it's mine and it WORKS :)





PS: Now that the hardest part is over 1st robot coming up soon :)

Congrats, mate! I’m still in
Congrats, mate! I’m still somewhere in the begining stages of mastering soldering art, but can say, it’s only hard in the begining. :slight_smile: