MRL - Facedetect


This is a forum post for Gareth, or others experiencing troubles with mrl .  TinHead noticed that the myrobotlab-0001/haarcascades directory was missing so I uploaded a new to additionally a new myrobotlab.jar should be dropped in (version 0001.0455) 

I believe TH got it working on Linux (ubuntu?) yay !  Gareth got the new version to work on windows 7 (after copying the dlls to system32 (yuk))  Yay!  But facedetect blew up for him.

I fired up the XP - VM and got a "runtime error" the first go around, then after restarting virtual windows - It worked (Yay!)

Oh, also something I noticed with facedetect.  It's one of the more cpu intensive filters - but using PyramidDown can help.  
PyramidDown reduces the resolution.  It changed processing times down from ~600 ms down to 100 - 200 ms.  The loss of detail can help the algorithm too.

Pic 1. - MRL on Java on Windows on VirtualBox on Fedora  ... Holy Shmack ! - anymore layers I'll need hipboots :D