Mr. Wake [Prephase]

Hey LMR!

This is the prephase blog for Mr. Wake, my Mr. Basic V2 challenge entry.


Ok, the idea behind is:

My Mr. Wake is an alarm clock bot. The operation intended is as follows:

Mr. Wake'sbuilt-in hacked cheap alarm clock is set up to ring at particular time and Wake placed near the bed. At the moment alarm goes off, Wake switches on IR proximity sensors around Alarm clock and when you get you hand too close to it (in intension to switch off alarm), Wake runs away at his maximum speed! :D More than that, If not disturbed at the place he ran to, returns to IR beacon beneath the bed to be most annoying... Here I need to confess, the initial name of project were "The Bastard" for obvious reasons :D But as bot goes under challenge, I decided to give more polite name to it :))

For now I have got Mr. Basic kit assembled, Motor driver PCB soldered and ready for initial testing. Looking forward to get breadboard with Picaxe 18X set up for testing of chassis...

Kinda like Clocky?
Kinda like Clocky?