Mr. Basic + AVR

Say hello to my Mr. Basic. He’s currently not into anything exciting - other than burning his L293 chip (Mr. Basic likes burn-outs). He will someday get a descent motor driver that can handle his motors properly and then he will be able to follow a line.

Burn its motor driver IC

  • Actuators / output devices: 2 RE260 motors
  • Control method: autonomous
  • CPU: AVR ATtiny26
  • Power source: 9V for logic, 3AA cells for motor
  • Programming language: C
  • Target environment: indoor

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I was thinking of using the L293 as well…
From you experience, the L293 handles these motors properly?

Wow. First Mr Basic entry

Wow. First Mr Basic entry that I see!! Cooool!

BUT WAIT! What’s that plate?

Not from my current
Not from my current experience, no. L293 is only able to handle 1A continuously and 2A peak and the motor stall current is higher than both those numbers.

Plate? You mean the perf.
Plate? You mean the perf. board? I just wanted easy access to switch the batteries from the 3AA pack and I didn’t really want to use the nice double sided perf board that came with Mr. Basic so soon :-).

Seems like I’m gonna try it

Seems like I’m gonna try it with a 298N motor driver…

Have you measured the current that the motors consumes or you just know it higher than 1-2 A?

Rik did some measuring here
Rik did some measuring here and I also looked up the datasheet for the RE-260 motor and checked the specs. Sounds like a good idea with the L298 driver.