Mounting LSS HT-1 on Conveyor HD

Hi, I just purchased the Conveyor HD Kit & LSS-HT1. But I am having some issues mounting the servo to the side plates as described at:

The LSS HT-1 shown on this page seems to come with the driving horn unattached. But the version of the LSS HT-1 I received in the kit has the driving horn pre-assembled. And I am unable to unscrew it so I can’t attach the motor plate underneath.

Can anyone explain how to attach the motor plate with the LSS HT-1 as supplied?

@mdfreemon Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Note that all LSS come with the output horn and idler shaft screwed to the servo. To remove the screw, be sure to use the correct sized Phillips screwdriver (to prevent it from being stripped) and apply some downward pressure when rotating. It should come out, allowing you to then remove the driving horn.

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Thank you for the quick response. It took a little more pressure than I was comfortable with but was eventually able to remove the output horn and fit the motor plate.

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The horns are pretty tight, it help to put something Under the horn (middle is the best) and pry it up.
Nice to know you got it out.

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