Mounting an Insta360 Pro II camera on a robotic platform


To create content for VR headsets, I am looking for a remote-controlled robot that can carry an Insta360 Pro II camera (1.5kg) on a 1m-1.5m pole, and move it on uneven street pavements with limited vibration.

Are these robots suitable for this application? (Constant speed and low vibration level are two important factors.) What is the difference between them?

Rosbot Plus - Orin NX
Rosbot Plus - Orin Nano


Thank you for asking. It is a very good question.

Rosbot Plus has 4 wheel independent suspension system. It is designed to run on uneven terrain for outdoor applications. Therefore, it is suitable to meet your requirement.

The difference between Rosbot Plus Orin Nano and Orin NX lies in the onboard Jetson computer.

Orin NX has more computing power comparing to Orin Nano. For Orin NX, its LiDAR is C16 instead of M10P. C16 is a 3D LiDAR and has much longer detection range up to 100 meters instead of 20 meters. It’s more appropriate for outdoor application.

I hope this has answered your question.


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