Mounting a pro camera on a 4wd3 tracked rover

Hi. I’m looking to mount a DSLR on a tracked rover. I’m wondering if it’s as simple as just attaching a quick release plate to the rover’s top plate/cap? Any thoughts?

@jonm Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Apologies for the delay in this reply. Regarding mounting a camera to a Lynxmotion A4WD3 rover:

Note that the “top” plate of the rover has a large plastic access panel. The quotes are because the rover can be flipped (symmetric) making the top the bottom. The opposite G10 plate is flat and meant for user to drill into. Therefore as you mention, a standard quick release should work, but take care in finding the right position as some DSLR cameras can be quite large. If you’re able to add some thick foam damping between the camera and the plate that might help too (or even a DSLR gimbal stabilizer).

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