Motor Drivers for Raspberry Pi 3

I am creating a project that is using a servo motor, two 12 V linear actuators’s, and a NEMA 23 high torque Stepper motor with which needs a 24V power supply. I already have a geekworm stepper motor hat v.02 that is capable of controlling the servo and linear actuator, but it can’t handle any voltage above 12V. Waveshare has a stepper motor hat that is capable of 8 - 28V which will be perfect, but it doesn’t say anything about being able to stack other hats on top of it. Can I stack the two hats together, or should I look for other options, and if so can you give some suggestions?

Thanks so much for the help!

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Hi @thebrick96 and welcome to our forum!

We will contact manufacturer (Waveshare) and ask them if their HAT is stackable.

Hi @thebrick96!

Here is a reply from amnufacturer:

**You can add other HATs on it, but you need to make sure that the pins do not conflict with other’s. **
You can check the schematic of the MC33886 Raspberry Pi Motor Driver Board on our wiki:

In addition to this:
Please check the pins, these pins are used by the motor driver board.