Motor Controller

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I would like to ask a QUESTIONs that bothers me always when thinking about the Purpose of Motor Controller. 

I was reading about the Lessons in How to Make a Robot in 

then I found out that we need Motor Controller in order to control the Actuators.

Micocontroller and Motor Controller must work together in order to operate a Robot.


1st QUESTION: It is NECESSARY to use Motor Controller in 6 DC Geared Motors and 1 servo even though I have a Microcontroller?  

2nd QUESTION: Can I use the Arduino UNO directly to the 6 DC Geared Motors and 1 servo without using a Motor Controller ?


I am here again to BEG some Answers

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1.Yes.You need a motor


You need a motor controller to drive the DC motors, on the other hand the servo does not need one as it is already built in.


Same as before, you need a motor controller to drive the DC motors.

The motors will draw more current than the microcontroller can provide and may damage it. Also the motors wont spin as fast or have as much torque as they should if connected directly to the arduino.

Usually the motors will also need a separate power source to give the motors enough voltage and current to drive them.

** The gound from the Arduino**


The gound from the Arduino Uno should be connected to the ground of source powering your motors &/or servos.

This illustration shows what I’m talking about - however, the image also indicates +5V (red wire) connecting from the Arduino Uno to the breadboard and is not used, therefore the red +5V wire from the Arduino Uno should not be included of that image



Motor controller vs Motor driver.

The confusion is maybe related to the naming of the circuit/chip.

Motor controller indicates that there at some intelligence/logic build into the circuit/chip whereas normally it is only a driver (or current amplifier). I prefer to call it a motor driver.

The small servos has intelligence build into them and can therefore be refeered to as motor controller.


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Can you suggest to me of WHAT KIND OF MOTOR CONTROLLER that can control 6 DC geared Motors by using Arduino UNO…?





Re: Kind of motor driver-

To give a perfect answer of this, I need to know how much current your motors draw. And, as oddbot said, you need 3 motor drivers as 1 motor driver is 2 channel, i.e. it can control only 2 motors and there aren’t any 6 channel motor drivers.

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YEAH…, I spend my Precious TIME on Internet Exploration just to SEEK/SEARCH the BEST Motor Controller.

And I just realize that it’s More Complex to used 6x DC Geared Motors :smiley: so I decided to USE only 4X DC geared Motors.

Then, I have ANOTHER question again 

1st Question :: Is There any Quad Motor Controller aside from Dual ?

2nd Question :: Can a Dual Motor Controller can control 4 DC Geared Motors…?

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**How ABOUT This **

How about this Kind of Motor Controller to control 4 DC motors :smiley: ?


Can somebody tell me if this controller work like that :

                            in1      in2       motor status

                            0          0         Stop

                            1       PWM     CW

                           PWM     1        CCW

                             1          1         stop