Motor Controller for a 700w Brushless 24v


which of the following would be the most suitable for powering a 700w 24v brushless motor at one continuous speed? basically need to turn the motor on and off, should have bought a brushed motor but accidentally bought the wrong one and can’t return them!

or anything else anyone can recommend

Many thanks on advance


Hey @chittyrsm!

So, when you’re searching for a motor controller, you have to be careful with two things: The rated current and the rated voltage.

You know you have a 700W motor rated at 24V, to calculate the current, you simply have to divide the wattage by the voltage: 700W/24V=~29.2A
Knowing this, you want your motor driver to be able to drive a 24V 30A load.

I’d tell you to consider an ESC but you will need to send it an RC signal to operate it. If you own an Arduino, you could control it…

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