Motor and manual controller selection


I am new to this forum and am looking for some advice on product selection. I am building a table that loosens neck muscles and need a motor to drive it. The motor needs to be able to rotate 160 degrees as a max rotation and be adjusted manually down to as low as 5 degrees. The motor when shut off i would like it to have a neutral so it stops directly centered (0 degrees). Also I was wondering what kind of controller was available that could adjust the speed of the motor and the rotation distance? i would like the controller to have knobs that could be manually turned so you could adjust the speed and rotation distance while lying on the table. The motor I would need has to have a metal shaft coming out of it. I looked into the Lynxmotion motors and that style looks like it would work. Again I am very new to this and just looking for some advice! Thanks


Hi @ryan32
This is an interesting project, however it could certainly be dangerous considering the implications if anything goes wrong.
(You don’t want your machine to break someone’s neck!).

You will need to know how much torque you need for your project, then try finding a servo motor that respect that torque.
As for a controller, you could use a standard RC controller with a receiver.

Yes it sounds dangerous but I have safteys on the table for a limited range of motion. It also has to move very very slow. The motor I need would have to be able to turn 15lbs of weight. Do you have any recommendations where I could get some more help on this? thank you so much for helping

There is a LOT more to safety than “limited range of motion” or moving “very very slow” (whatever that may mean.) Anything remotely medical is highly regulated in the US for good reason. and people still get killed by approved machines.

If you plan to build any type of machine that is used on humans (or pets or other animals, for that matter) you will open yourself to all sorts of liability. Maybe you don’t have lawyers in your country, but I wouldn’t even consider that in the US.
Also, the fact that you ask for a motor that is “able to turn 15lbs of weight” doesn’t give me a good feeling about your understanding. That is essentially a meaningless statement.
Anyway, just felt it was my responsibility to respond.


I am well aware of this. I appreciate the concern. Not planning on selling it without major and intense testing. Thats how things get started as an idea. If it is or will be a bad idea I will be sewed or in prison. I realize this. Just getting ideas. Plus you would have to see my plans until you make this judgement. I am working with a chiropractor and a physiotherapist and have a lawyer for the patent. Just trying to learn about servo motors and controllers. I appreciate the concern because death is the last thing that is needed from bad ideas from people with little education. If you have any input on motors, controllers, and safety features on the motors that would be greatly appreciated.

No thanks. I have no desire to be involved.