More Theo Jansen, plus another dude has a pointer to a new video (to me anyway) and an audio podcast from that features Theo Jansen, as well as another robot builder I'd been following on Youtube. I've been wanting to duplicate Jaime Mantzels hexapod walker in a similar small size that he has been trying to build in a large pilotable size.

From what I could gather…
From what I could gather… imagine 2 wheels, one above the other, with a vertical beam with pivots on the face of the wheels such that when the wheels turn the beam goes up and down forward and backward. A horizontal plate is stuck on the bottom of the beam with a free spinning joint.

This whole assembly is fixed dead center inside the head. The head is stuck to the lower body with a big bearing but nothing else.

The ends of the legs are connected with ball joints to the horizontal plate, and also up the leg a little with a swinging arm to the lower body. The swinging arm can connect up to the ceiling, or down to the floor of the body. Alternate the legs and you have 2 sets of 3.


It really is a fascinating mechanism. I looked at his spider walker a long time ago and sketched out the mechanism for 3 legs. Trying to draw in the other 3 legs would have made it unreadable. I`d like to try to reproduce it but I never have found the time.


ezekiel181: I cant

ezekiel181: I cant understand what you’re trying to explain, could you please elaborate, maybe even put in a diagram?


Oh, and here’s hexapod-guys website:


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I did a quick sketchup

I did a quick sketchup model. Its not to scale at all but you get the idea. This is the basic drive mechanism. Working out the legs is a bugger but Im going to keep trying.


Has anyone been able to work

Has anyone been able to work out the geometery of the legs used by Theo Jansen’s robot legs yet?

I had a go at it with a Lego set but could not get it to work.

Also, has anyone (except Jamies brain) worked out how the robot changes direction so smoothly?



check these