More hate votes, please!

The LMR DAGU Contest is comming to an end. But everybody in here are so fu**ing nice, and that will not do.

Oh, you are so nice, your robot is so cool, I give you 5 stars, and you too, and you too.

Heck, where is the competition in that?

How can we ever find a true winner (3 true winners) when the call is so close?

What to do? Hate! Fight, mean stuff, we need the dark clouds to fill the sky in here. Remember this is about money, kill!!


But - it - is - so - hard - to - be - harsh.

Also, I feel obliged to put my rating in a comment, rather than the anonymous star awarding thingey. I’ve told some people they might have earned better points if they would have described the project better. But we cannot award “negative stars”.

If it makes you feel any more evil: I awarded you Mr Basic Zero stars :wink:

The trick

The trick is to make 2 votes. I can for example give 5 stars in a comment vote, and 1 star in an anonymous vote, it works. Hehe, I am so evil ;-). The anonymous vote can be changed at any time. Try it out.


Yes, RobotFreak. This is
Yes, RobotFreak. This is excacly the kind of mindset we need. Evil!


just review all the entries and force yourself to give at least 1 robot no more than a single star, 1 robot two stars… etc.

not that it can be implemented in this challenge, but it would be better if the votes were hidden until the deadline is past. That way, no one will be influenced by the score an entry has.

I hate voting on so much
I hate voting on so much great work!!!


I know!

Me too, I was a ■■■■ making this evil competition!

If it wasnt so tedious to look at all ur robots, i would rate them all 1 star…just to add some negativeity to the situation…