Modifying picaxe8 proto boards to fit your needs

Since my projects contain a lot of 08m procs, I decided a while back to grab a couple of the proto boards for for fun and experimentation. With these boards I also wanted to be able t o reuse them after doing some experimenting with them as we all know desoldering can be a chore.

So here are a couple of ways I'ved moded the proto boards.

1. Choped the proto side off of the board, added a set of male header pins and rewired the power lines. Also used the proto side of the board for a 6+v to 5v regulated via ldo reg.


ex: protoboard with male header pins











proto board mounted on breadboard for easier testing of components.













second half of hacked protoboard that was converted to a power reg for 6+ vin. The second proto board(in green) was the first proto board I actually owned so I did some soldering of componens on it which I later modifed to use jumpers to enable some of the components I left on. Note also the female header row that allows for jumper wire to connect to a breadboard.


This is a proto board with multiple female and male headers for a makeshift breadboard setup. This is what I proto'ed the mini ir beacon from.


This is the 18x board with a set of female headers. I ran out of the header rows so this is only halfway complete. Due to the spacing of the holes on this board, every other pin from the header had to be removed.


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