MintyProbe, the Altoid can logic probe

Inspired by Andersen and CTC, I am putting together a Logic Probe Kit consisting of:
     MintyProbe, a tiny 3.5"x2.25"x.75" Logic probe with 2x16 LCD Screen able to:
                Detect High, Low, Floating Inputs
                Signal Pulse Length
                Voltage readout (5V and Under)
                Internal battery, charged via USB Mini Cable
                5V and Direct Battery Output Voltage (3.7V)
                Automatic Shutoff (No more dead batteries!)

Banana Plugs:
               Banana to Alligator Plugs
               Banana to probe
               Banana to IC Lead jack

This is a self contained Unit that requires very little experience to operate, with only two buttons (Power, Mode) and just moving the jacks to the correct spots. I plan to sell this kit for a unknown price at the moment, and I'm still designig the electronics at a breakneck pace, but There will be updates almost daily on its progress.

The logic probe that I’m

The logic probe that I’m using has no internal battery at all. It has two crocodile clips at the back, one for GND and for the 5V, so you might try to avoid the battery all together as it will bring the complexity and cost up.

But I have another idea for you. If you designed the probe as slim as you could and not longer than 100mm I could design a ‘pen’ to mount it in using my 3D printer. And if the design is uploaded to with a link to your card, it might draw some customers?

I can design 2 kits, the

I can design 2 kits, the mintyprobe and the pen sized one.

Sounds great. Looking

Sounds great. Looking forward to your design.