Miniq or start here?

hello everyone ive recently made some robots that i couldnt quite complete because of lack of experience so ive decided to take some good advice and look for a nice easy robot kit to teach me programming and other robotic skills and so i am stuck on 2 kits. i cant decide which to use. the miniq this is by df robot and is compatible with arduino it has infrared sensors, light sensors, line sensors, and can be remote controlled the other is the start here robot kit this is a good kit which i can build. miniq comes with four sample sample codes which is good for me to tamper with and understand the programming but is also comes completely assembled  which kind of ruins the the learning experience of building but it also keeps careless errors from happing the miniq is also 4wd and pretty fast but i cant find any video of this robot in action so im afraid that it might be kind of a rip off this is really the only thing that keeps me from just choosing the miniq. the start here robot doesnt come assembled which leaves room for error but it provides a better learning experince and theres a very nice video and set of directions on how to build it i also like the paning head which is something the miniq wont have but the miniq has a much wider variety of things it can do but the start here has more personality and will give me a sense of accomplishment if it works both robots are priced about the same please help me decide and if anyone has any video of a miniq in action or just tell if either of the kits were worth the money or which might be better for me please tell me i would everyones opinion on which robot is best thanks

I would go with the Start

I would go with the Start Here robot. The MiniQ looks great, but all that extra stuff is just going to get in the way of learning IMO (it’s best to start simple).

Keep in mind that the Arduino and Picaxe use different methods of coding though. I say that because it looks like you have two Arduino robots already.

Of course, I’m still a beginner myself, so maybe someone with more knowledgeable will chime in.

**Thanks for your opinion **
I will take it into consideration the fact that already have in arduino is a setback but the start here is apealing more and more to me

Another option

would be to build an arduino based Start Here Robot.

The search link.