Minimum PS2 Servo Control requirements?

Hello All,

I’m new here to the forums so please bear with.
I’d ask Customer Service but they’re closed for the weekend and I was wanting to put my order in ASAP.

Here’s the background:
I’m looking to control up to six servos (mixed 180 and continuous) via a wireless PS2 controller. I tried building my own interface, and just never could get it working. I remember there used to be a kit available with everything I needed, but now I do not see it anymore.

And here’s the question:
Can I wirelessly control six servos with just these parts:

Cytron PS2 Shield

5A Cytron Servo Controller Shield

PS2 Robot Controller V4

and the Arduino Uno I already own?

And would I be correct in that the shields would each just stack one on top of the other? I have libraries and examples code to try from arduino(dot)cc, now I’m looking at what hardware I need.

Thank you all!

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Hello @ElectroDFW and welcome to the forum.

This project sounds feasible. I’ve seen some similar projects online (like this one Arduino + PS2 shield + MDDS10 for mobile robot control) but never in this exact configuration like yours.

This means that your project should work, but it cannot be guaranteed until it is tested for real. If you decide to proceed further, we would like to know if you have succeeded.

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