Minimal requirements

I want to buy an SES-V2-Base-Rotate with and LSS-ST1 standard servo. What else do I need to buy to make this work?

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In addition to this, you’ll need some way to send either serial commands or RC commands, and a way to power it at 12V.
How do you want to control it? This will help us give you an idea of the corresponding products needed.

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Can I control it with a windows PC?

Sure. If you don’t want to do any programming, you’ll need an adapter between the PC and the servo. The adapter we propose is a bit overkill since it has six connectors and a power supply which can handle much more than one servo, but it’s plug and play:

If you don’t already have a USB to type C data cable:

As for simple Windows-based control of the servo:

You could save money by creating your own adapter and using a power supply which provides 12V and less current, but you’d need to be comfortable with electrical wiring.

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