Mini-sumo bot competition, which wheel would you use?

Which wheel would perform better in a Mini-Sumo bot competition?

Solarbotics RW2 Wheel


JSumo SLT20P Wheel

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@Kdr0588 it is hard to tell which will be better. I guess it depends on the design of the robot and probably many other factors.

But generally, both are designed for mini sumo bots, so whichever you choose, it should work good for you.

Thanks for the info ! I decided to go for these wheels along with Jsumo DC motor.

However, I’m now confused as to type of batteries power the DC motor. The motor has 6V Nominal Voltage, so should I use Lipo 2S or 3S or 4S batteries? Also, would you recommend battery discharge rate of 20C, 30C or 40C for the motor to work its potential at the mini-sumo competition?

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Which controller are you using?

Make you can see how these are made:

, I was thinking of using the L298N motor controller.