Mini Biped

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I've been wanting to see something like this for a long time, and have never been able to make it.

A couple of people probably know games like WarHammer.

For those who dont, WarHammer is a stratagy game played with mini figurines, out of a Fantastic/Midivel times. Those figurines are generaly abaut an inch (about 2.5 cm) high, unless somekind of Troll or something.

Anyway, I've been dreaming alot about this. Imagine all of those mini figurines, sudenly coming to life, and rushing at each other with sword and shield, just trying to kill eachother! I mean, THAT WOULD BE SO WICKED!!!

So, i would really like to see if anybody can make anything close to what im talking about. It can even be bigger, but just not to big. like 13 cm max. (about 5 inches)

I dont have a clue about building bipeds, so thats why i posted this. Good luck!


I’m making a biped now, but I think it’s a long time before that one is finished. But, if you cough up enough money, I’ll make it walk for you in no time. No, but seriously though, I used to sell Warhammer, and one of the things I played with, was Buying those 5-8 cm remote controlled cars, and cut out the driver side window and stick the top of a plastic Ork in there. That would leave me with one very mobile Ork warrior, just remember to paint it red right :slight_smile:

Another one that I never finished was buying a walking robot toy, cutting of the top and putting a couple of dwarfes in there. The problem was making it look dwarfy enough around the dwarfes. The dwarfes has a rather steampunk look, so there has to be all kind of valves and pipes. And even though I loved working with greenstuff I’m not any good at painting, so the fun sorta dwiddled.

But, I hope I gave you a few ideas, OK?


/ vzz-clck-“Maneuver”


Thank you very much, but im probobly not gonna be able to do it, considering how noobish i am.

but anyway, thank you for the ideas!




It’s easy!

Take one of these and use a small sharp knife cut away the drivers side window.

It’s one of those mini RC cars that you recharge by connecting it to the remote control (the platform on this picture)

Then glue and paint one of these:

-and stick him out of the side window so the head and axe weilding arm are on the outside (feel free to pose the arm at a more menacing angle). This create a perfect illusion of an Ork driving along while hanging out of the side window ready to chop down anybody he cant hit with his front bumper.

This guy will do you the same service with a chainsaw, or hang him out the oposite window to get ready for a drive by shooting.


Cutting the car and gluing the figure in the window should take you an hour without any practice. So being a noob is no excuse.

Now start painting or I'll send my 40K Ultras at you!

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"


ill see if i can find such a car, and try to do it. Thanky you again for your help!




Worlds Smallest production biped

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