Microcontroller + Motor Controller


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I just Realized that I really need to Change a little bit on my new Project

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As Usual I'm here Again to ASK QUESTIONs and BEG for your Kindness HELP

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Here we Go my Questions are

1st Question :: I use Arduino UNO and a Quad Motor Controller to control my 4X DC geared Motors. Do have any Idea what are the Possible Problems that I might encounter...?

2nd Question :: As stated in 1st Question, Is there any SPACE for 2 servo and 1 Range Finder Sensor after having 4 DC geared Motors...?

3rd Question :: So what is the Ideal Diagram for That...?













One idea …

Get a 7404 Hex Inverter (6 NOT gates in one IC), 2 dual h-bridge chips and wire up two circuits similar to Fizikus’ Ar-Du


Using the above circuit as a template, you will be using 8 pins for 4 motors with full forward/reverse speed control. Adding 2 servos will only require 2 more pins, and, a range finder (rather no descript, is it IR or Ultrasonic?) will likely add only 1 or 2 more pins. You will have a number of pins left available for all manner of sensing and control.

If you notice in the above graphic, there are two inputs that carry a PWM at the end of their label. I would suggest you actually use the hardware PWM pins to connect to. You will use 4; one for each motor to control speed.

This is what I think…

You can buy 2 motor controllers for your 4 motors or you can buy 4 motor shields. The servos and sensors are driven right off the Arduino and you’ll have space on your Arduino for it. Diagram, well, I gotta research that myself (will post it as soon as I can).

**Thank you **

Thank you for Rerearching the Diagram for me


since that my new Project is a Rover Robot, And I’m using Aduino UNO and 4 Geared DC Motors and 2Servos + 1Range Finder.

Do have any suggestions about it…? Or can you share a Tutorial article of Video for me :slight_smile:

and I wanted my Robot to be controlled via Bluetooth…

and its will used Outdoor especially in the Forest floor where there are lots of plant that can disturb the reading of Range Finder

can you suggest to me what is the best Range Finder for that…?