I’m not sure what kind of chat you refer to, but I don’t think this one is anything bad. :smiley: I would just like wowy7 to look ahead a bit and plan for the future of their project a little more rather than relying only on cost to make decisions. I’ve been there and done that too many times to rely only on cost for choosing something. :slight_smile:

I think we just want wowy7 to get something that’s going to last them rather than getting locked into something they can’t use for awhile or that will cost them more than they want to or are able spend in the long run. I had totally forgotten about the group move feature.

Personally, it was a no brainer for me to pick the SSC-32 controller. I already know I am eventually going to need to control a bunch of servos, especially for Walk 'N Roll once I start building it. Walter is my learning bot, so he gets stuff first. :smiley:

That group move feature is one I plan to work with as soon as I get my SSC-32 and can get it installed on Walter. :slight_smile:


Just the “get this not that” thing, when one is a product of mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it’s always better when they can buy and use something you sell, Jim. :smiley: I wasn’t trying to play that product vs product game, which I hate too. You just happen to sell everything I need to do what I want to do with my robots. :slight_smile:

Now, about those SES compatible motor mounts… :smiley::smiley:


sorry Jim it’s just iv bought your mini bot board and the ssc-32 SEQ
and the basic atom and after buying the mini atom and basic i saw how big it is and i was also taking your advice out there when you told me to start out
with the brat Jr. and thats what i’m doing exept im making a micro B.R.A.T
Jr. so i think that the ssc-32 is too big for this project its not that i don’t like the ssc-32 but its too big :confused:

but if i could find one of those atmel chips
than i could build my own mini ssc-32 that could only be a little bigger than the polulu controller
could sombody give me the number of the atmel chip used for the ssc-32
PLEASE :smiley:

It’s an ATMEGA8-16, but there are shift registers on the board as well. You also need a compiler. I’m not trying to discourage you, but I don’t think it’s a project for the first time builder.

can’t i just use the ssc-32 SEQ that i have?

you can, but youd need an SSC-32 to make the servos move to how you want

is that what that 8 pin IC is?
i was wondering about that

You asked about building an SSC-32 in a smaller format. The microcontroller needs to be programmed with a boot loader, then the firmware, and you need to build a board with shift registers to make an SSC-32.

where can i get shift registers?

Short answer: Digikey sells them, for $0.50 each, in small quantities.

…but you don’t want to do that.

Remember: the key here is that when you buy an SSC-32, you buy not only the circuitboard, chips, plugs, and hardware, but the program contained within that Atmel microcontroller, as well. Duplicating the circuit - a difficult enough task on its own - would only get you part of the way there. Think of it as Doctor Frankenstein building his monster: you put together the parts, but on their own, they’re just a rather icky science experiment. Beyond that, you would need the smarts that get programmed into that silicon brain, and I doubt very much that you’d be able to get your hands on that very easily, if at all.

Like the man said: not a project for the first-time builder.

You seem to be jumping about on what you plan to build. The last mention is a “micro brat”. In that this would seem to have only 6 servos, then why don’t you go ahead and use the pololu servo controller as it appears to meet your size requirement. For the time being control the pololu controller from a pc until you get the fundimental electronics and mechanics for the “micro brat” worked out. Otherwise you will wind up buying a lot of various stuff that can’t be used.

yea your right
maby i should go with the pololu controller
for the brat and than just keep adding on like you
said besides i only need two controllers for the scout
and now for the servos…
what do you think is the best micro servos
i do have two servos already
but i don’t know
what company made them all it says on it is B-8 micro servo
all i know is i got them from a local hobby store

so does anybody know what kind of servo this is… :confused:

I’m guessing that you probably got your micro servos from HobbyTown USA, for somewhere around $10 each, right?

Our local store has a little box full of those, and I grabbed a few, just for servo aiming and other low-demand applications. No name, no card, no packaging - just a servo in a bag with a couple of output horns and some mounting hardware.


In operation, I found them to be a bit twitchy on a full battery (as are many micro servos), but that they calmed down a lot when the voltage was reduced to a regulated 5 volts. Of course, you lose torque in the process, but again, I’m just using them to aim ultrasonic and/or infrared rangers, and not subjecting them to any real loads or stresses. I haven’t tested one to destruction (nor do I really plan to), but I don’t imagine it would take very much. These are micro servos that are designed to swing small control surfaces on light model airplanes. The innards are similarly “micro”, and probably won’t take a whole lot of abuse before stripping gears or blowing the electronics.

As has been pointed out numerous times in the forums, micro servos usually aren’t very happy being powered by voltages higher than 6 volts or so. Much more than that for very long, and you’re probably flirting with letting the magic blue smoke out.

Looks like they are a low priced generic servo.


yup thats it
it’s also the servo im using but if its not strong enough
then i will switch
and i didn’t get them from hobbytown usa
i got them from a small crafts & hobbys store
this sunday i am getting two more of them :smiley:

I strongly think that this “micro robot” will not work. Sorry, but I dont think that the micro servos will be able to move under their own weight and at only 5v. Also, you can’t get better than an ssc-32 servo controller…Buts thats just my 0.02 :wink:

well i don’t realy care about your 0.02
im doing what i think is right and if
the servos can’t handle the wieght
than i just keep trying
remember what tomis edison
did he tried to make a light bulb like over 100 times
now i an’t no edison wonabee
but i do keep trying

dont make me have to put in a quarter :smiley:

very funny :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: