Mega Scout

I’ve designed the locomotion platform for a large hybrid biped I am calling Mega Scout. I just have not designed the mounting for a Scout torso yet. You can see the beginnings of my efforts up to and including a picture of the platform with both legs attached in a thread called Hybrid Walker Leg in the Multi-Leg forum.

I will continue my development of Mega Scout here.

The first picture with both legs attached is:

I’ve already been giving some serious thought to how I would program Mega Scout to move, and it will be capable of some very interesting motions, to say the least. I figure the legs alone will require at least HS5645 servos with some HS5955 servos at critical lifting joints. At present, Mega Scout is a 16 servo biped and there will be no more additions to the legs.

I have designed in three good places to place sensors, and have identified three places to place other interesting things in the future. Mega Scout will have one full pan/tilt sensor turret placed where the legs attach to the body. I am working on a way to attach a modified (wider) Scout torso also.


Here are three more pictures of Mega Scout in various poses of Mech Mode. I haven’t even touched the multi-pod walking mode these legs are capable of yet…

Side View (shows most articulation points):

Full Crouch:

Full Standing:


That looks like it would be crazy to see walking. It would look very cool. It does look like at full crouch or even half crouch when the first knee is in a negative position, it has a very wide stance which could make it difficult to shift it’s weight when walking. You might need to consider larger foot pads for it.

Looks very cool though.

Yes this megabiped will be really different to see walking, to say the least. It will indeed be very cool though. :smiley:

It would use the leg it’s shifting from to push itself over to the other side to shift its weight onto the other leg with the help of the ankle of that leg. It would amount to a sort of controlled fall over towards the other leg, move leg for next step, put leg down, fall back over on original foot, repeat with other leg, etc. I am already using the largest available SES biped foot.

Also note, that Mega Scout can still walk while fully crouched. :smiley: It would just use the multipod walking mode.

Thanks. :smiley: Now if I can just build it. Then I can make it walk. The servos alone for this beast are going to be very expensive.

Mega Scout will probably cost just as much to build, if not a bit more (due to servo cost) than Walk 'N Roll, and take about as long for me to construct. Now I can’t decide which one I want to build first! Well, OK, Mega Scout has more of my interest right now… :smiley::smiley: Putting all the brackets together won’t take that long, but getting all the servos will take awhile.


Here is another picture of Mega Scout, in his normal biped walking stance. I’ve also added the new sensor turret and changed the U channel from a 5" long one to a shorter and lighter 3" U channel.

Biped Walking Stance:


Yes, I tried to stop myself, really, I did! However, the temptation overwhelmed me and I had to see what Mega Scout X2 would look like… So, here it is, in all its unmatched glory - Mega Scout X2!

Can you imagine this beast coming after you??


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That is by far the craziest and best robot I have ever seen made into a quadropod!

Many thanks! However, to design such a creature is not enough. One has to be able to actually build it and make it move under its own power and control. The funny thing, is I think it would be easier to make Mega Scout X2 walk than it would Mega Scout. Those added two legs make for much easier balance when shifting weight to take another step.

I still can’t decide which is the more unique and the one I want to build first - Mega Scout or Walk 'N Roll. I want to build them both, but each one is going to take me at least two years just to build. The servos alone for Mega Scout could end up costing $1600.00+ and I don’t even want to think about Mega Scout X2 with twice the number of servos.


!!! :smiley: :smiley: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :smiley: :smiley: !!!

Yes, neither Walk 'N Roll nor Mega Scout will be inexpensive or overnight projects. That’s why I have W.A.L.T.E.R. and my BRAT (now named Junior) to work with when I can’t work on the others. The next step for W.A.L.T.E.R. is a new body and conversion to use motors instead of servos for locomotion. The next step for Junior is just for me to get him built and working - I just need 6 servos for him and an ABB/Atom Pro.


you forgot to put a bucket seat on the back so you can ride on cowboy! :laughing:

Dang, I just knew I would forget something! :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t even added the battery holders for two 6.0V 1600 mAH battery packs to Mega Scout nor the sensor turret to X2 yet. :smiley:


i need to get solid works ,and a good simulator ,thats wild !!!

Thanks. :smiley::smiley:

I don’t use Solid Works. I use Alibre Design Expert. :smiley:


Just some quick feedback, but unless the foot pads for the biped are increased by at least a factor of two in both directions, it will probably fall down when it tries to walk. The whole bot has to balance on one pad while making significant movements with the rest of the body nd the other leg. If the ground isn’t perfectly level and smooth, the small pads don’t have a chance. As for the four legged version, delete the foot pads and servos, as they really provide no useful function and add a lot of weight.

mucho denero ,mabe i,ll just build a bot 8)

I will have to wait and see when I finally have Mega Scout constructed how it behaves when walking. Only then can I decide if larger footpads will be required. Mega Scout has four different joints that can be used to assist in leaning one way or the other. Only time will tell if this is enough for reliable walking. :slight_smile:

The foot pads stay in Mega Scout X2. :smiley: How do you know they won’t be useful? The 2DOF ankle will be useful in adjusting to uneven terrain.

How much experience have you had with large bipeds?


just like that… wich servos do you count on using with this beast? I think you will need the 5955’s at least, the problem is, there aren’t more powerfull…

5645’s and 5955’s where there is heaviest lift, etc.


ok, it’s realy UGE, very large, maybe it would be better to put the legs closer together? but anyway it’s real easy with the SES to modify stuff like that :laughing: 7DOF, that’s something