MechDOG for Beginners, Advanced Users & Developers!

MechDOG is a dog-like quadruped robot that features the Lynxmotion’s Smart Servo (LSS) Motors and the Servo Erector Set (SES) V2 brackets for the frame. It can be controlled in various ways including remotely with a handheld radio controller, wired with a USB cable, via WiFi using the interface available for PC and web, or even directly using the API.

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I really like that project ‘mechdog’. i recently bought 12 LSS. And want to make a mechdog custom.
Where can i download the app “lynxmotion mechdogs interface” designed for the mechdog i found here ?

Many thanks in advance

Hello @Polyminthe,

I’m glad you liked the project! Both the web and PC interfaces will soon be available on GitHub.