Mecanum wheel hubs and motors


I’m looking to build a Mecanum wheeled robot. I’ve recently purchased a set of Mecanum wheels, (RB-Nex-13). I also bought what I thought were the right hubs (RB-Nex-98), but they don’t seem to fit at all.

I was hoping to use a NEMA 17 motor to drive them, but it’s looks to be pretty difficult to get a 5mm hub.

Given that the wheels look the right size, and I’d like to use them, can anyone recommend a hub/motor combination for the wheels I’ve bought? I’d prefer to use a stepper motor if possible.

Any thoughts gratefully received.

Hello @njames879,

Welcome to RobotShop community.

Unfortunately, the smallest hub compatible with these wheels is the 6mm ( RB-Nex-17).

You can either change the wheels or the motor selection so you can assemble this robot.

We have 8mm shaft stepper motors that would work with these wheels and a compatible 8mm hub ( RB-Nex-18).

Also, there is a 6mm DC motor which is compatible with the wheels and hub ( RB-Nex-30)

Or you can change the wheels to a different size that would have a 5mm mounting hub available and use Nema 17 motor as you wanted.

One final option is to order a fully assembled Meccanum platform ( RB-Nex-04)

Let us know if you have any further questions.